US Gun Sales Projected to Reach an All-Time High This Year

US Gun Sales Projected to Reach an All-Time High This YearAs of the beginning of November, gun sales are on the rise for the sixth month in a row nationwide. Nearly 2 million background checks for firearm purchases were processed by the FBI in October alone. If the trend continues, analysts say the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) will be on track to process the most firearm-related background checks ever in a single year. The current record was set in 2013. Sales figures started out strong at the beginning of the year, and have accelerated further since May.

The consistently strong sales have also contributed to a renewed interest among investors in the firearm industry. Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. stock, for example, has nearly doubled in value this year. Manufacturers that specialize in compact self-defense weapons have become especially attractive to many investors.

Black Friday gun sales

So why the sudden and significant uptick in sales since last year?

Industry experts are attributing the surge in sales to a number of factors. On the one hand, geopolitical unrest overseas and a series of campus shootings at home have caused renewed concerns about self-defense among many Americans. Still others are taking preemptive measures in case firearm legislation becomes more heavily restrictive in the future. In addition to these considerations, gun manufacturers have also succeeded in reaching into previously untapped markets such as women and millennials in recent years.

The FBI’s report on background checks does note that there’s not necessarily a one-to-one correlation between sales and background checks as these regulations vary between jurisdictions. Nonetheless, such a huge right in background checks is indicative of a statically significant rise in sales as well.

40 replies on “US Gun Sales Projected to Reach an All-Time High This Year

  • Jose

    I have not bought a gun in the past four years. If it were up to me, I would purchase a new gun every year.

  • John

    Haven’t bought a gun in the last year, but I have a couple on my hit list. Looking to pull the trigger (pun intended) pretty soon though – maybe spend a little tax refund.

  • Rose Reeder

    No but looked at lots but since have old one and medical bills were high just had to be satisfied until can afford. Love to have new one though.

  • Eric

    It is good that gun sales are soaring. When will the politicians voting against our rights realize that they are all wrong and that they are creating a society of victims.

  • Rick

    Gun sales are up because of fear, fear of government, fear of tyranny, fear of unAmericans who don’t agree with our law that we NEED to be armed to protect ourselves from them.
    The last time we were under martial law and tyranny gun control became the main issue. That ended in revolution.
    Anyone who knows history realizes that all oppressed countries today would not be that way if not for gun control. Most violence occurs in gun free zones. If you are protected, can defend yourself, the chance of an encounter is diminished considerably.
    It happened here on 19 April 1775, smart citizens know this and will not allow it to occur again.
    Gun sales can equal freedom if used properly.

  • Wade Page

    I haven’t bought one in the last year or so, but the reason for the increased sales, is an increased awareness in the ever increasing corruption of our government.

  • Fred

    If the threat of Obama getting elected kicked off gun sales in 2007, just think about what the threat of Hillary will do.

  • Eric Russow

    I just purchased a 10/22 My first rifle. I have already bought a 25 round and a 50 round magazine, Now I just need a bump fire system, and I will be ready to go!

  • Mike Murphy

    People are afraid that the Feds are going to ban guns and they don’t want to left defenseless.

  • Rafael

    After not having any guns I now own 3 pistols 1 shotgun. It seems that criminals are more aggressive and they come in packs.

  • John

    I’d love to say that I have, but life has required finances to be put into more important things. For now, my 5 year old Ruger 22/45 will be my only firearm.

  • Brett Paschen

    As long as certain politicians are against 2nd amendment rights gun sales will continue to rise.

  • Scott Swanson

    Government and elected officials are responsible for the uptick in gun sales. We the people fear tyranny and Government who are misguided and whose agenda doesnt qualify as American.

  • Walker Jamar

    Purchases are up as people become more afraid of future gun restrictions, and also as they become more away of the violence they might have to protect themselves against.

  • Angelica

    Of course I’ve purchased a gun in the last year, I’d be cold and dead if I didn’t get at least one new one a year!

  • louis villanueva

    obama has make gun sales go up now think what would happen if Hillory become president!!

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