Top Must-Have Gun Accessories

The latest technology has made for some of the most fun gun accessories available to date. And aside from the latest technological advancements have to offer, there are simple improvements to classic add-ons for any gun owner, all designed around your safety and comfort.

Hearing Protection

g1-380x380As everyone with any degree of firearm training is aware, ear protection is crucial. But antiquated options just don’t cut it anymore. Old fashioned options don’t facilitate simple luxuries, such as holding a normal conversation at the shooting range or in the woods while hunting. Now there are custom hearing protection devices to enhance sound and protect your ears.

Advancements in hearing protection allow you to easily hear and understand people while also making sure your ears are protected from gun shots. The technology is also invaluable for hunters wanting to listen for specific sounds indicating presence of the hunted.

Clean is Safe

And even the most novice gun owner knows maintenance is requisite for proper function and safety. Cleaning and oiling your firearm after every use is crucial for preventing misfires and backfires. And with recent developments in synthetic lubricant technology, substances now have much levels of heat resistance, increased lubricity and reduced levels of carbon buildup, especially noticeable in hot, sandy environments.

Lubricant blends are now composed of nano particles of dry lubricant with a non-congealing, ultra-slick, synthetic carrier oil. The dry particles are small enough to work themselves into the pores of a gun’s metal components. This allows it to withstand much higher levels of heat and pressure than any liquid and remain in place to keep parts moving smoothly.

Properly Securing Could Save a Life

And not all gun safety equipment is implemented when you’re shooting. Protecting your firearms from falling in the wrong hands– whereby you are liable in the event of a tragedy- is imperative. And there is no better way to prevent this than with a gun safe. But traditional safes have their weak points and are possible to breach. This is why biometrically-operated handgun safes are increasingly popular.

Providing access to your handgun in less than two seconds, biometric safes uniquely identify authorized persons for safe access. Some biometric fingerprint safe scanners even allow for multiple fingerprints and subsequent multiple users. And for the ultimate quick access, look into a safe allowing for vertical mounting options for seamless access.