Tightening up Your Trigger Pull

Tightening up Your Trigger PullExperienced shooters know that there are few things that can ruin an otherwise good shot like a poorly executed trigger pull. These folks spend years honing their trigger technique in order to produce the quality, repeatable results. The motion of your trigger pull can have huge influence on your accuracy and consistency. Fortunately, there are steps every shooter can take to refine their trigger pull and see improved results at the range.

Mind Your Right Angles

Ideally, your finger should be perpendicular to the trigger at all times. This will prevent your trigger pull from dragging the shot either to the left or right of your target. Use the tip of your finger as a guide to ensure that it remains at a right angle to the trigger. Keep your finger pointed in the same direction throughout the trigger pull.

Practice Dry Firing

Shooting without having to worry about recoil is a great way to get a better feel for your trigger. Every gun is different; learn to anticipate the trigger break in yours. Pay close attention to your grip and shooting form, and repeat your trigger pull until it feels natural and predictable. Bear in mind that if your weapon is a rimfire design, you should invest in snap caps to protect it during dry firing exercises. Also, treat your gun as if it’s loaded at all times.

Don’t Forget the Follow-Through

As with most things in life, the follow-through matters when developing a good trigger pull. In fact, a complete follow through is absolutely integral to your consistency at the range. After each trigger pull, feel for the characteristic “click” that accompanies the trigger reset. This is the point at which you should stop and prepare for your next shot. Try not to let your finger move on the trigger during the reset. Keep the motion as smooth and fluid as possible.

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