The Importance of Deafness Awareness

WaterDeafness, like any handicaps, is a serious problem. How many deaf people do you know? Chances are you might not know any. Of course you might know someone with hearing problems, but that’s a different matter altogether. Some hearing problems can be prevented with the right equipment, precaution, and foresight, such as what we do at Electronic Shooters Protection, one of the nation’s leading providers of state-of-the-art hearing protection. It is important to us to prevent any hearing damage to a shooter’s ears, because it’s tragic having hearing problems when it could have been prevented.

Sometimes to get the point across regarding to importance of hearing protection, you have to consult someone who has hearing problems, someone who struggles with deafness, as we see in this article from The Spectator Magazine, which deals with the idea that “no one has any sympathy for the hard of hearing, so I’ve invested in an absurdly expensive hearing aid.” The article is entitled “My deafness has become an impediment to domestic harmony.” If that doesn’t ring any bells for you, we don’t know what will…

Alexander Chancellor writes, “Most people, when asked if they would rather be deaf or blind, say they would rather be deaf. I would say that, too. Deafness is obviously a wretched and isolating condition, but it appears to be less absolute in the effects than blindness. A blind person simply can’t see anything. With the deaf it is more complicated.”

And the article really takes off from there. It’s a fascinating read, but Alexander’s story should be a warning against careless shooting. Be sure to invest in state-of-the-art hearing protection. You don’t want to develop a wretched and isolating condition, do you now?