The best in protection and entertainment

You know the way Electronic Shooters Protection protects your ear? Well, they also create headphones that not only protect your year from outside noises, but give you outstanding sound quality and comfort to enjoy your music, movies or any other entertainment.
The CR1 Custom Recreational Earphones Ear buds are perfect for active individuals who want to protect their ears from outside noises, but receive outstanding sound quality at the same time. These buds give you the comfort you expect from ESP and a classic, clear, ear-bud design that works well with just about any personal audio device imaginable.
The comfort comes from the custom fitting. Visit your local audiologist for a fitting, then email or mail the fitting to us so we can mold the earphones for a perfect fit. They’ll truly be one-of-a-kind.
Other ear-bud headphones either don’t give you protection from outside noises, and or simply aren’t comfortable. With these, you’ll get the best of both.
Check them out. And remember, you can’t put a price on protecting your hearing.