Power(Standard) 20 dB 20 dB 20 dB 20 dB
Advanced Compression Circuitry
A combination of high and low speed compression algorithms to provide smoother sound.
90-92 dB 90-92 dB 90-92 dB 90-92 dB
Passive Noise Rating (PNR)
NRR: Indicates the level of sound protection from the custom fitted plug without the internal electronics.
25 dB 25 dB 25 dB 25 dB
Auto Environmental Controls
Computer inside the device automatically re-tunes itself based on the background sound environment to maximize speech frequencies.
6 2 0 N/A
Omni Directional Mic
A built-in microphone that delivers 360 degree sound and auto-calibrates, dampening harmful sounds while enhancing normal sounds.
Custom Fit
ESP’s have a custom fit design that conforms perfectly to the shape of your ears. This lets your customized ESPs rest gently but securely, providing endless comfort, sound protection and sound delivery for your longest days in the field. Choose from an assortment of color combinations to make your pair uniquely yours.
Model Type 100% Digital 100% Digital 100% Digital Analog
Custom Tuning
Optional on all ESP models: If a hearing test is provided, we can custom tune the devices to your hearing test results.
Best Better Good Minimum
Advanced Feedback Control
Technology that allows the device to automatically retune itself to cancel out any feedback.
Battery(Size, Life, Hours) Average Ear : 13 Zinc Air (300hrs) | Small Ear : 312 Zinc Air (180hrs)
Maximum Output SSPL90 93 Db
HF Avg. SSPL90 88 Db
HF Avg. Full on Gain 22 Db
Total Harmonic Distortion
@500Hz <10%
@800Hz <10%
@100Hz <10%
Attack Time 1 mS
Release Time 1 mS
Current Drain 0.35ma
Battery Life (13 Zinc-Air) 590-640 Hrs
Battery Life (312 Zinc-Air) 310-360 Hrs
Kneepoint 40


Let’s get you custom fitted.


Hear it from the experts themselves…

Justin Shireman, Competitive Shooter
I wanted to drop you a note on how much I love my ESP Devices. They are all I use whether competing in PRS matches, hunting, or just out for plinking. I get asked all the time what I use for hearing protection and I’m proud to tell them ESP.

Justin Shireman, Competitive Shooter

Tate Moots, NRA Tactical Rifle Champion
I’ve been using ESP digital hearing protection for several years now and love them. I use them for competition shooting, teaching and hunting. I don’t have to worry about what hat to wear or how long I will be wearing them, the custom molding is comfortable for all day use. I have clear hearing protection without popping or any other distracting noises. My ESP digital custom hearing protection is awesome!

Tate Moots, NRA Tactical Rifle Champion

Henry Eldridge NSCA Level II instructor
I have been wearing ESP ear protection for over two years now. The advantages of electronic ear protection are numerous. Being able to hear students and communicate better makes an enormous difference in the learning experience. If you have ever run a five stand for a corporate group you soon see that being again to communicate better with the group enhances learning and SAFETY. Customer service is quick efficient and you get to talk to knowledgeable professionals not a recording. Check out ESP Hearing protection. I bought mine from Granny Sherman, PMS firearms. One of the best investments I have made in sporting clays.

Henry Eldridge NSCA Level II instructor

John Loeffler, Renowned Bird Dog Trainer
It’s going to be a busy weekend at Worlds, I cannot thank Electronic Shooters Protection enough for allowing me to continue Tournament hunting, Hunting and training bird dogs. Without their great product I would have to choose between hearing and bird hunting. Thanks ESP for an excellent state of the art product.

John Loeffler, Renowned Bird Dog Trainer

Terry Denmon, President & CEO MOJO Outdoors
It is unfortunate that quality hearing protection like ESP was not available when I started shooting rifles, as we shot thousands of rounds a year back then. However, no matter the state of one’s hearing loss, it is important to protect what you have left. I have been doing that for several years with Electronic Shooters Protection and not only is it saving my hearing, but allows me to hear sounds and to communicate while hunting, that I otherwise would not. Each one is custom fitted to you, so they are comfortable to wear. Those of you who know me, know I do not recommend what I do not believe in, and I can easily recommend these to you.

Terry Denmon, President & CEO MOJO Outdoors

Todd F. Cast, Professional Hunter TNT Outdoor Explosion TV
One of my biggest regrets in my hunting career was not taking care of my hearing early on. My father is almost deaf so I see first hand how important hearing is in leading a quality life. I tried various custom hearing protection during my career and have found ESP to unquestionably be the best. The quality of protection is second to none, but just as important to me is comfort. I can hunt the entire day without any discomfort and focus entirely on the hunt. Thanks to ESP for providing products that allow me to fully enjoy my hunting experience and quality of life!

Todd F. Cast, Professional Hunter TNT Outdoor Explosion TV