It happens to the best of us.
You go out to camp, get in your stand, and have a big ol’ buck lined up. You spot it through your scope and BOOM!
You miss. And that big trophy goes scampering into the woods.
It happens to the best of us and our buddies our buddies can usually relate and tell their stories of this monster that they missed too. But before you go out into the woods, it’s always good to get some practice in at the range or with targets.
ESP has plugs specifically designed for target shooting ear plugs. From the ESP Elite Classic to the ESP Dynamic – Digital shooters, ESP has five ear plugs specifically designed for target and gun range shooting. All five offer superior protection, with the Stealth and Dynamic being two of the best in ear hearing protection devices in the planet. Remember, we offer customizable ear pieces too, because no ear is made the same.
And, oh yeah, don’t forget to sight-in your rifle. Check out our friends at TJ Target, which offers the best printable sighting in targets in the nation – just like how our hearing protection ear plugs are the best too!