Superior Ear Plugs for HuntingYou ever “hear” of the expression, “you get what you pay for?”
Well, you might not be able to hear that expression if you just buy cheap, toss-away ear plugs.
These ESP Silencers are the premier, non-electronic in ear hearing protection ear plugs on the market. With a custom molding designed specifically for your ear and a mass of steel shot embedded into the silicone, these plugs offer superior protection over any other plug on the market.
The steel mass acts as a protector against noise, deflecting loud and harmful sounds away from your ears and the custom moulding keeps your ears comfortable. These custom earplugs for hunting  have a noise reduction rating of +/- 26.
At $220, these plugs will not only last season after season, year after year, but you can ensure maximum hearing protection no matter what the use is.