Shooting Ear Protection

The possibilities of hearing loss while shooting are endless. A single gunshot can render you without your hearing permanently, but can be easily avoided with proper gun hearing protection.

At Electronic Shooters Protection (ESP America), we take pride in providing the best ear protection for shooting around. We specialize in custom hearing protection devices to prevent damage or complete hearing loss.

Custom Ear Plugs For Shooting

No matter what you’re trying to hear while hunting, ear protection is vital. Without it you can permanently damage or lose your hearing and not be able to continue big game hunting.

The sound of a Whitetail’s grunt or the majestic bugle of a bull elk will fade away as the years go by if you don’t invest in your gun hearing protection. Ear protection will keep you in the game much longer while allowing you to hear even the gentle footfalls of a bear coming close.

We Provide Top Quality Protection

If you make your living as a hunter and hearing the gobble of a turkey means continuous employment, don’t sacrifice your future by not having the correct hearing protection. Having top quality ear protection for shooting can be the difference in whether or not you can provide for your family.

For the best quality hearing protection devices around, ESP America has you covered. With our custom ear plugs, your gun and hunting ear protection will last for years to come. Our original and custom fit shooting ear protection has been providing top quality protection since 1994!

Why ESP America?


Custom-Fit For True Wall-To-Wall Protection, All-Day Comfort & Choice of Colors


Block Out Harmful Noises Like Gunfire That Cause Noise-Induced Hearing Loss


Hear the Sounds that Give you a Tactical Advantage in the Field


Every Pair of ESP electronic earplugs Ship With P2i Waterproof Nano-Coating Technology

Our Shooting Ear Protection Models include:


The ESP Dynamic possesses the highest quality digital sound and speaker quality available.


The Stealth hearing protection can be custom programmed to match your hearing needs.


The Elite Digital amplifies sounds while protecting your ears from damaging noises over 90dB.


The noises reproduced by the Elite Classic tend to sound more mechanical and less natural than the Elite Digital, Stealth, or Dynamic.


The CR1 Custom Recreational Earphones Ear buds are perfect for active individuals who want to protect their ears from outside noises.


These are designed to reduce external noise.

Shipping Details

Have your hunting ear plugs shipped right to your doorstep. You can also visit our dealers’ page to find an ear protection dealer near you! To reach our corporate headquarters by phone dial 303-659-8844. For your convenience, you can also reach ESP America via email at