Would you ever embark on a hunting trip without bringing your orange vest or coat?  The answer is no, as you would never want to jeopardize your safety while out in the woods.  Bringing your orange gear on any hunting expedition has likely become part of your routine, and it’s unlikely you would ever forget to bring it, just as you would never forget to bring your gun and ammunition.

This hunting season, there is something else that you should never leave home without: protection for both of your ears.  According to the University of Chicago Medicine, inner ear structures can be damaged any time ears are unprotected from loud noises, which would roughly constitute of noises greater than 120 decibels.  Failing to protect your ears from these types of loud sounds can lead to noise-induced hearing loss, which nearly 12 million Americans suffer from.

The average range of a gunshot is 140-190 decibels, depending on the type of gun used; putting hunters in auditory danger each time they are in the woods.  However, it’s not just the person physically shooting the gun that is at risk.  Perhaps you are the spotter, and don’t think about wearing hearing protection for hunting. Or maybe you are taking a break, and a hunter from another group shoots. Either way, not having your ears protected could prove to be a dangerous decision, as anyone close enough to the shot could be affected by the decibel level.

Many hunters worry about that they will not be able to properly hear their prey move when wearing ear protection. Others are concerned that their ear protection will be uncomfortable, and that it will not properly fit their ears.

However, ESP has a solution for those objections.  Our hunting ear plugs are custom fit, ensuring your protection will not be uncomfortable.  Moreover, thanks to innovative technology, hunters that use our products can still hear the beautiful sounds of prey in the area.  In fact, you can still have conversations with your hunting buddies, and hear what others around you are doing, without having to take your protection off and put your ears at tremendous risk.

Remember, sometimes it can be just one shot that permanently affects your hearing.  This hunting season, don’t put your ears at risk by leaving home without proper ear protection.