How to Order ESP Products

All ESP products are custom fit.  We will first need a set of impressions (molds) of your ears.  This can be done by any ESP Dealer.  If we don’t have a Dealer convenient  any Audiologist or Hearing Aid person can make your impressions.

An ESP Dealer will take the impressions and send the order to us to be built.  Your order will be returned to their office.

If you use an Audiologist to make your impressions you will pay them for their service.  The average cost is about $50 per pair.  If you include the receipt with your order, we will credit the actual cost up to$70.00 per pair of impressions only.  Does not apply to office visit or testing services charges.  This offer only applies to ESP Electronic Earplugs, it does not apply to the Silence or CR10 products.

Once you fill out the online order form you will be emailed a copy of the order.  Place a copy of the order in the package and send it to ESP.  You can include a check for payment with the order.  If you would like to pay with credit card please contact by phone.

Typical delivery is within 10 days of our receipt of your order.  Please contact us if you have any special circumstances regarding delivery dates.