Myths Gun Control Advocates Perpetuate

Revolver There are a few myths advocates of gun control would like the general population to believe. They are lobbying against a legitimate means of protection Americans have relied for nearly three hundred years. When something is as ingrained in our culture and society as are firearms, those trying to dislodge them from our very fabric will fight tooth and nail to get what they want.



Criminals & Gun Shows Lobbyists would have you believe gun shows are ground zero for criminal and terrorist firearm purchases. This is simply not true, given a Bureau of Justice Statistics study showed barely 1% of criminals obtained their firearms at gun shows. Where criminals actually get their firearms are from either an illegal arms dealer or from theft. An estimated 230,000 guns per year are stolen in home burglaries and property crimes, nearly 25,000 of which are lost or stolen from gun dealers.



Children & Firearms Again, the liberals vying for gun law ‘evolution,’ would lead you to believe mistruths on gun safety statistics. They would like you to believe children raised in gun-friendly households grow up as violent criminals. The fact is, however, children taught about firearms by family members are much less likely to be delinquents than their gun-less counterparts. They are more likely learn the practical purpose for guns, including recreation and self-defense, the reason they are used up to 2.5 million times annually in the United States for armed self-defense.



Crime & Gun Control The misconception guns cause violence and drive up crime is the most important myth that must be discredited. Outlawing and trying to initiate control gun laws, especially in designated municipalities, simply does not work. Criminal-minded people will commit crimes, and if they want to do so with a gun, they will. Take Washington, D.C.’s ban on handguns. The district saw the murder rate triple in the 15 years after the ban was initiated in 1977. Similar statistics in Chicago show similar results, whereby the murder rate doubled 10 years following the law being enacted.