Is Healtchcare or are Guns the Real Issue?

mental healthGun owners have a rough hand in America. With all these shootings, it’s tough to say you’re a gun owner without getting looks of derision in many social circles. It’s as if we’re a dying breed, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves; despite heinous crimes committed on live TV and in schools, we must not forget that this country was founded by ingenious pioneers who stretched the limits of what’s possible and what isn’t possible. By those who walked on foot from coast to coast planting their seed in all corners of this great land.

We must do all we can to maintain that indomitable American spirit. This isn’t about politics or social issues, this is about what makes America America. Despite all the crimes that are being committed in America on a daily basis, we must not ignore the simple facts, the simple statistics that proves our case (that gun control isn’t a necessity), as reported by the Huffington Post.

Kathleen Weldon writes, “Gun-related homicide deaths have been decreasing in number since the 1990s. But the number of active shooter events and mass shootings have increased in recent years.” Those are very polarizing statistics. On one hand, gun-related murders are down, which is good, but mass shootings (such as what we have witnessed in schools) are on the up and up.

What this tells us is that guns aren’t the problem, but mental illness is. Most, if not all of the, shooters who perpetrated recent mass shootings had battled some form of mental illness before the event. Access to guns isn’t the problem; access to proper psychological healthcare is. Constitutional rights is the glue that holds this nation together. You know what else should be? Access to proper medical treatment.