Hunting Hearing Protection from ESP: Get the Advantage

Having advanced hunting hearing protection is critical for catching the sounds of game in the wild – and preventing long-term hearing loss. No matter what type of prey you’re after, being able to hear game movements and calls is an essential part of hunting.

Why Hunters Need Hearing Protection

Thanks to the latest technology, digital hearing protection devices for hunters allow you to hear sounds in the environment and conversations while muffling gunfire down to safe decibel levels. 

If you don’t take steps to protect your hearing while hunting, you could permanently damage or lose your hearing. A single gun blast averages 140-190 decibels, more than enough to cause permanent hearing loss. However, even repeated exposure to 90 decibels can still cause hearing loss over time. This is why more than 50 million shooters are at risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss. 

Hearing loss means losing vivid sounds like the gobble of turkeys at dawn, the grunt of a buck in the thicket, or the bugle of a bull elk. Even worse, it will be harder to hear and converse with your family and friends. 

Why Product Quality Matters

While many hunters opt for a cheap set of earplugs or muffs for hearing protection, these products don’t protect your hearing as well and have much worse sound quality than digital hearing protection. Listening for the slightest noises made by game, such as hearing the footfall of nearby animals or the flush of wings, is a vital part of hunting. Hunters who opt for low-cost, basic hearing protection simply miss out on the full experience. 

Without hearing the sounds of prey in the wild, you’ll also be missing out on a key advantage as a hunter. Additionally, cheap earplugs or muffs make it harder to hear or adjust your voice appropriately when speaking with your companions in the field. 

ESP Hunting Hearing Protection Devices

Fortunately, advanced electronic hunting hearing protection devices offer the best of both worlds. Electronic hearing technology allows soft sounds, like voices or a duck call, to be amplified, while loud noises such as gunfire are muffled. 

At Electronic Shooters Protection (ESP), we utilize all the latest technology with features like environmental volume control and wind noise suppression. We go a couple of steps further by custom-fitting our hearing protection devices to your ears and manufacturing them to be waterproof. 

What Hunters Say About ESP Devices

Reviewing our APEX product in terms of hunting hearing protection, Kevin Paulson from says:

“We found the Electronic Shooters Protection APEX to be the best hearing protection we have used in windy conditions and the best we have used for in-ear protection, period. These are an investment in your hearing protection. They are not a cheap investment, but they are backed up with a quality warranty, a great team at ESP and they are made in America with quality you can expect to work day after day in the field.” 

Our four products cover a range of prices and features, and each one is covered by a 1-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, and discounted repair rates. As our long-time customers know, our team in Brighton, Colorado provides ongoing support for your needs. All of our products are made in America. 

Many of our customers are avid hunters, as well as sport shooters and law enforcement officers. Mike Irvine says:

“I’ll admit for years I never wore hearing protection while hunting. I just couldn’t stand not hearing the game be it ducks, deer, or turkeys. Plus over the ear muffs got in the way of shooting, and foam plugs seemed to fall out or be in way too deep. 

Now though I always use my ESP digital ear molds. They are custom-molded so they don’t fall out, and the volume control gives me a lot of versatility. 

When I’m in the duck blind, I can dial them way down and muffle down the other load callers in the pit, and I can crank the volume way up when in the woods trying to hear a turkey gobble or a deer step through the timber. All the while knowing when the 12 gauge goes off, my ears are protected.”

Enhance Your Hunting and Protect Your Hearing

We invite you to explore our digital products for hunting hearing protection, and learn about our company or reach out if you’ve got any questions: