Hear that? That’s the sound of a contest being held!

Enter now for a chance to win a pair of Elite Classic Earplugs from Electronic Shooters Protection (ESP). In order to be included in the contest, participants must first log onto Facebook and like ESP’s page. Once registered, hopefuls can check back with the website daily and enter one time per day. Participants can also follow ESP on Twitter for a chance to win and also gain more chances to win by inviting others to enter the contest.

The earphones, which retail for approximately $900, are designed with state of the art manufacturing techniques and analog circuitry. These Elite Classic Earplugs, made for shooters to provide the ultimate protection, still allow for great sound quality like each earplug made by ESP. Hunters and shooters can still enjoy amplified sounds while protecting their ears from damaging noises exceeding 90db.

These buds, made to slip comfortably into the ear and are barely noticeable when correctly placed, are great for those who want to block out noise, while still hearing sound. They are made for hunters and shooters, but can also be used while lawn mowing and construction and any while performing any other noisy task.

ESP describes the sound quality reproduced by the Elite Classic hearing protection devices as suitable for all shooting situations, but slightly less smooth when compared to our Digital models. The Elite Classic Hearing Protection Device is the perfect option for those on a budget with general hunting/shooting needs.

ESP has been a leader in ear protection devices since 1994. Providing customers with custom molded earplugs designed to block out negative noise while still allowing smooth natural sounds in an open listening environment.

Contest Eligibility Requirements:

• Participants must register at https://www.facebook.com/ElectronicShootersProtection
• Like the Facebook Page
• Register anytime now through July 3
• Winner will be chosen at random July 4
• Check out the contest rules on Facebook for more details

**Winner is responsible for providing professional ear impressions in order to receive prize.

Have fun and good luck!