Gun shots are loud, we know. They can reach decibels of over 140, which are louder than a jet engine, and to unprotected ears that can result in a lot of damage.
But what about other things that are loud? Like a rock concert, or furthermore, even band practice — high school band practice.
In a medical study by Harvard published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, one in five teens may be suffering from hearing loss so severe that it may be permanent. Some teens attend concerts, which can typically range in from the 90-110 decibel range for more than three hours that can lead to damage.
But furthermore, more teens, especially younger teens, participate in band practice at their own high schools.  A high school newspaper, The Lance of Linganore High Schoolin Maryland, recently conducted a study to see how loud a typical band practice is. Their results found at full volume, musicians were exposed to decibel levels ranging from 90-100.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides guidelines to workplaces that are exposed to high volumes of noise. Any workplace that reaches over 85 decibels is required to wear hearing protection.
So what about band practice or musicians? Well ESP’s dynamic will provide in-ear protection to musicians who are exposed to hours and hours’ worth of loud noise over a long period of time. Musicians young and old can protect their ears while still being able to hear at a safe volume.
Here’s another story on hearing protection too from KABC-7 in LA.

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    Besides the small brush, included in my case with my esp electronic shooters protection, is there any other way to clean my ear buds?

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