Gun Storage Fundamental to Safe Gun Ownership

Safe Firearm Storage As a gun owner, it’s your responsibility to safely store your guns when you are not using them. They should be inaccessible to anyone other than authorized persons. A dresser drawer or top closet shelf are insecure and no place to store a firearm. So what are the best and safest ways to store your firearm?

Keep the gun unloaded. Until you are at the gun range or out hunting, bullets should be stored separately. This safety precaution most importantly prevents mishaps like misfiring in the home or a child accidentally shooting the gun and injuring themselves or others. Storing the gun and bullets separate also prevents a loaded gun ending up in the wrong hands.

In addition to storing your gun this way, you should also keep it in a locked box or gun safe. Well concealed gun boxes can blend right into a closet or room and even if found, cant be opened without a key or passcode. Gun safes are another alternative especially for owners with multiple firearms.

There are also trigger and cable locks that brace the trigger, preventing not only misuse but firing while in storage. A trigger lock is a long cable usually made of steel that gets looped through the action of the gun. A cable lock is placed around the trigger so it can’t be moved at all. It’s important to note that these types of locks should not be used as the only type of safe storage.

In addition to keeping your gun properly stored and locked up, educating your family about gun safety can help prevent firing accidents inside and outside of the home. Explain how dangerous guns can be and that they are not toys. Being a firearm owner is a huge responsibility and safe storage of your guns shows how seriously you take that responsibility. It also can prevent any type of accidental shooting or injury from happening in your home.

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