Father’s Day: The Perfect Gift For Hunters

What does dear ol’ dad really want for Father’s Day this year? Encouraging his passion for hunting is an obvious starting point, but where do you go from there? Hunting supplies and accessories are fairly broad categories, and if you aren’t a hunter yourself you might find yourself lost in the sea of possibilities.
Start simple; start with protection. Dad needs to keep his hearing properly protected whether he’s on the range practicing, in the field scouting, or in a tree lining up his next target. ESP America offers a variety of options that can not only protect your father’s sense of hearing, but can also adjust to the ambient noises around him so that he doesn’t miss a thing.
The decibel level at which damage can be sustained to your hearing is between 90-95dB [http://www.gcaudio.com/resources/howtos/loudness.html]. Using that level as a basis, and considering that a rifle shot can be upwards of 170dB, it stands to reason that Dad should be wearing hearing protection.
Imagine bottling the roar of a motorcycle for 40 straight hours, and then unleashing that noise in a single split second. That’s the kind of audio assault that Dad’s ears undergo every time he pulls the trigger.
Since we specialize in custom ear plugs, we are sure to have a set that is perfect for virtually any father that loves getting into the great outdoors. Our extensive selection of inventory can fit within various price ranges, meaning that no matter your budget you can outfit Dad with exactly what he needs to keep his ears safe.