ESP Retailers in Los Angeles, CA

Precise hearing is not only crucial to everyday tasks, but also a critical advantage in field training, combat situations and hunting.  Firearms administer up to 190 decibels of damaging sound in a single shot, and can inflict permanent hearing loss in as little as a single round.  Electronic Shooters Protection (ESP) works with local dealers to provide advanced electronic hearing protection for shooters in Los Angeles, CA, and stop noise-induced hearing loss from gunfire.

Hearing protection at firing ranges and practice yards effectively protect your ears, however they are often bulky and difficult to work with in real-world or tactical situations.  ESP custom-fits hearing protection that fits precisely and won’t slow you down or separate your from your environment.  The electronic design filters normal and damaging sounds, allowing you to communicate with friends and team members and listen to activity around you.

With a variety of designs and custom-fitting available near you, you can select hearing protection that suits your needs and fits you perfectly.  Learn more about electronic hearing protection and contact ESP to order yours.