Why Digital Hearing Protection Is Superior to Earplugs and Earmuffs

In life, there are many things that look alike and serve a similar purpose, like cars or computers, but not all are the same, right? The same goes for hearing protection for those who shoot guns and rifles. ESP makes customized electronic hearing protection devices that are better than traditional earplugs and/or earmuffs for several reasons.

Why ESP? Well, let’s say you want to have a normal conversation with someone at the shooting range or out in the woods while hunting. But you also want to be able to shoot your gun at any time, too. ESP’s devices are like sound enhancers AND mufflers for your ears. They let you easily hear and understand people talking with you while also making sure your ears are fully protected from the crazy loud sounds of gun shots.

ESP’s devices are the kind you can feel comfortable having in your ears all day without discomfort. They’re not bulky like ear muffs. They are sized to fit into your ear properly, unlike some generic earplugs, which may or may not be protecting your hearing the correct way. If you’ve ever pushed earplugs into your ears, you’ve probably had them either fall out easily or end up “way too deep” in the ear canal. ESP’s shooting hearing protection devices are custom molded to fit your ears so they fit perfectly and comfortably!

If you’re a hunter and you want to listen for specific sounds, ESP has devices which provide the highest quality digital sound, allowing you to get rid of unwanted background noises while focusing on key sounds involved in hunting. You don’t have to take the device out of your ear on the hunt– sometimes, with earplugs or earmuffs, you find yourself having to take them out or off in order to hear certain sounds around you– and that’s awkward.


Serious shooters need the best in hearing protection, and ESP provides that; check out

https://espamerica.com/shop/ to see what products are available.