Antiquated Foam Earplugs a Thing of the Past

Hearing Protection Many gun owners purchase their own ear protection for target shooting and hunting. Traditional earplugs that a majority of gun owners use are affordable and easily replaceable. There are however many crucial drawbacks to disposable earplugs.


Traditional earplugs are usually sold as one-size-fit-all fits all. But when it comes to earplugs there isn’t just one kind of ear. Some ears are big, while some are small and all are a different range of sensitive. Disposable earplugs are also more difficult to use. They have to be squeezed down, inserted into the ear, readjusted and the user must wait for them to expand before they completely work.


Due to enhancements in all types of technology, ear protection has gotten much better than it used to be. Years ago, standard earplugs were the only way for gun owners to protect their ears at the range. Now, there is a variety of shooter-centric ear protection that is still affordable and easier to use.


It’s most important though, that newer shooting ear protection, offers better protection all around. Built specifically for shooting ranges, ear protection that has been introduced to the market in the last three-five years was built to help protect ears better and longer than traditional earplugs.


If you’re in the market for new ear protection or are just looking for something different, try reaching past traditional earplugs. Significant amount of time spent shooting guns can have a negative impact on ears and hearing. And there also advancements in electronic design allowing you to pick up sounds you would not otherwise.