American Spirit Firmly Rooted in Right to Bear Arms

talking headSometimes even we get sick of the all the gun debate coverage that riddles the newspapers with its sick ink or pollutes TV waves with poisonous static. Clearly, we support guns and firmly believe in the constitutional right to possess a firearm.

There is just too much of an agenda going on both sides of the debate that it’s easy for the everyday American to get confused and just give up entirely on the debate. This defeats the purpose of democracy in the first place!

What we believe is that gun culture creates a stronger footing for democracy to stand on.

What we believe is that gun culture creates stronger men and women, able to deal with a variety of rough situations.

And let’s face it, life is full of rough situations. Despite the fact that there will always be bad apples in the bunch, we can’t let that fact change the fact that gun culture is necessary in this day and age. Just look at what happened in Europe this past weekend, as reported in NBC News (and every other news outlet out there!).

Elisha Fieldstadt writes, “The three American men who are being hailed as heroes for thwarting an attack on a Amsterdam-Paris train said the gunman could have done a lot more harm had they not acted on instinct and ambushed the gunman.”

rifle national anthemWhile riding the train, the three American men heard a gunshot and rushed the assailant before he had a chance to do any more damage. One of the men, Anthony Sadler, said, “He never said a word…we saw him cocking the AK-47, so at that time it was either do something or die. Hiding or sitting back is not going to accomplish anything.”

Wow! What bravery – that’s what the American spirit is all about. There are conflicting reports on whether the assailant is a terrorist or was simply trying to rob the train, but does it really matter? These three brave men were comfortable around guns. They were therefore able to do what it took to save the day and all the lives on that train. While two of the three are soldiers, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that gun culture is necessary to raise brave men and women. If we take that away, the bad guys have already won.