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Elite Digital: Standard Digital Hearing Protection

Elite Digital: Standard Digital Hearing Protection


As helpful as it may be, Electronic Shooters Protection can sometimes be too expensive to those who don’t shoot as often as the professional hunter does. This, of course, we understand: there’s no need to break the bank for something you use on a regular day. For those people, we recommend ESP’s Elite Digital.

With 1 channel and 10 bands, this item is perfect for the general shooter, and is available at a fraction of the cost of our other, more advanced models. An advanced compression circuitry is built in to reduce that annoying hiss shooters hear in the field, and a passive noise reduction of +/- 25 NRR lets you control your environment and senses. In addition, shooters can use their own hearing tests to custom tune ESP’s Elite Digital in order to best fit their ears.

Great quality, low cost, and customizable — that’s the ESP way.

For more information on ESP’s Elite Digital, contact us today!

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Product Description

2 Channels • 10 Bands • 20 dB Power • 100% Digital Quality • Custom Fit • Custom Programming • Rotary Volume Control • Omnidirectional Mic • Advanced Compression Circuitry • Advanced Feedback Control • Noise Reduction Circuits • +/- 25 dB Passive Noise Reduction Rating NRR • Internal Wax Trap • Low Battery Indicator • Made in the USA


User Guide
Cleaning Tool
Rigid Case
1 Year Repair Warranty (includes fit)
30 Day Money Back Trial Period
Impressions Returned to Client
Options & Optional Upgrades
Shell Color Choices: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, Tan
Faceplate Color Choices: Black, Brown, Green, Orange, Tan

Optional Upgrades
External Wax Trap System
Battery Info

Battery Size
Average Ear - Battery Life (13 Zinc-Air): 300 Hrs.
Smaller Ear - Battery Life (312 Zinc-Air): 180 Hrs.

Mobile version: Enabled