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Elite Classic

Elite Classic


Custom Fit Analog Hearing Protection: When it comes to Electronic Shooters Protection, you should be looking for three features in your product: quality, efficiency, and cost. If done well, these characteristics make for a great product that is reliable and reasonable — something you’ll notice when you’re out in the field. Luckily, we have the product for you: ESP’s Elite Classic.

This analog model comes equipped with innovative circuitry that will protect you from noise-induced hearing loss, which can be lethal out in the field. The omnidirectional microphone will be able to pick up noises all around, optimizing the environment so you can enjoy tranquility and be well aware of what’s around you.

The model itself is a bit less smooth than the digital models, but it comes in customizable colors and shapes, with an internal wax trap and rotary volume control to only hear what you want and to keep out everything else.

For more information on ESP’s Elite Classic, contact us today!

*Smaller sized custom ESPs are only available with Tan Faceplate

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Product Description

Advanced Analog Circuitry • Custom Fit P2i Aridion™ Nano-Coating Technology • Rotary Volume ControlOmnidirectional MicAdvanced Compression Circuitry Advanced Feedback Control • Noise Reduction Circuits • Amplifier Maximum Output: 90-92 dB • +/- 25 dB Passive Noise Reduction RatingInternal Wax Trap • Low Battery Indicator • Made in the USA
Additional Information

Additional Information

Left Ear Body Color

Black, Brown, Orange, Tan, Blue, Green, Red

Left Ear Faceplate Color

Black, Brown, Green (with Black Door & Black Volume Control), Orange, Tan

Right Ear Body Color

Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, Tan

Right Ear Faceplate Color

Black, Brown, Green (with Black Door & Black Volume Control), Orange, Tan



User Guide
Cleaning Tool
Rigid Case
1 Year Repair Warranty (includes fit)
30 Day Money Back Trial Period
Impressions Returned to Client
Options & Optional Upgrades
Shell Color Choices: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, Tan
Faceplate Color Choices: Black, Brown, Green, Orange, Tan

Optional Upgrades
External Wax Trap System
Battery Info

Battery Size
Average Ear - Battery Life (13 Zinc-Air): 300 Hrs.
Smaller Ear - Battery Life (312 Zinc-Air): 180 Hrs.

Mobile version: Enabled