Scientists Look to Sea Anemones to Reverse Hearing Loss

The bottom of the ocean might be the last place you’d think to look for a cure to human hearing loss, but that’s exactly where the authors of a report published in the Journal of Experimental Biology hope to find one. The idea was born as the biologists studied the remarkable ability of sea anemones… Read more »

Department of Defense Struggling To Choose a New Sidearm

The Beretta M9 is showing its age. Pistol technology has improved considerably since the M9 was first adopted by the U.S. Army in 1985, and now the Pentagon is intent on finding a replacement for the armed forces’ least favorite firearm. That’s right – in a 2006 survey of soldiers’ perspectives on infantry weapons, the… Read more »

The Lowdown on the Olympic Shooters’ Unusual Eyewear

If you’ve been following the shooting events in this year’s Olympic Games in Rio, you’ve probably noticed that the athletes’ kits look, well, a little different than what you might expect to see at your local range. To begin with, many of the events feature high tech, ergonomically-designed pistols and rifles that look like something… Read more »

Chemotherapy Drug Linked to Hearing Loss in Cancer Survivors

Chemotherapy treatments are life-saving medical procedures that have prevented countless deaths from various forms of cancer. Unfortunately, because chemo drugs rely on intracellular poisons to kill cancer cells, they can sometimes have adverse effects on healthy cells as well. This is why many cancer patients lose their hair when they undergo chemotherapy treatments. In some… Read more »

Dispelling Common Myths About Hearing Loss

At Electronic Shooters Protection, our primary goal is to protect your hearing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of rumors and myths about hearing loss that many people believe to be true. Knowing how to best protect your hearing means that you need to know the difference between what actually causes hearing loss and what is… Read more »

How Can Hearing Protection Help You Hunt?

When we discuss the virtues of our products in this blog, we typically focus on the risks of hearing loss associated with shooting firearms. Hearing protectors are designed preserve the vital internal structures in your ears that allow your brain to interpret sound waves. When these structures are damaged, our hearing is permanently compromised. But… Read more »