Cosmonauts: Packing Heat in Space Since 1961

Since humans first achieved escape velocity in the 1960s, manned missions to low-earth orbit have become peaceful, multinational efforts to advance scientific research and understanding. But that doesn’t mean the Russian space program is about to let its cosmonauts get caught in space without a way to defend themselves. Since 1961, every Granat-6 survival kit… Read more »

Black Friday Gun Buying Hits Record High

On the day after Thanksgiving, millions of Americans woke up early to hit the stores and score big discounts on some of the year’s hottest items. Black Friday sales might typically be associated with huge TVs and cutting-edge gadgetry, but this year gun shops saw an unexpected surge in sales as well. In a single… Read more »

US Air Force Conducts Study Designed to Prevent Hearing Loss

Serving in the armed forces is an inherently risky job, and hearing loss is the most common health issue affecting American soldiers. After returning from one or more tours of duty, hearing loss and persistent tinnitus can make it difficult for veterans to find civilian jobs and lead healthy, comfortable lives. That’s why the Air… Read more »

Watch a Sharpshooter Play The National Anthem With a Rifle

The Internet has gifted us with all sorts of impressive displays of exhibition shooting, some of which are pretty eccentric and creative as well. Such is the case in this video of professional sharpshooter and ESP user Chris Cheng playing the Star Spangled Banner with an integrally suppressed Ruger 10/22. It might not be the… Read more »

Smith & Wesson Knocked out of Army Handgun Competition

Last year, the Pentagon released guidelines for the Modular Handgun System (MHS) – a contract competition designed to find a replacement for the much-maligned Beretta M9 service pistol. To qualify for the bidding process, candidate handguns must first outperform the M9 in terms of reliability, maintainability, durability, accuracy and ergonomics. They must also feature modular… Read more »

Introducing the Hunting Buddies Sweepstakes From ESP

With everyone gearing up for hunting season, we’re thrilled to announce that ESP is teaming up with our friends at Burnt Pine Plantation and TNT Outdoor Explosion to give one lucky winner and three of their friends the chance to win a 2 day quail hunt and a 3 night stay at one of our… Read more »