A Sensible Investment for Gun Owners

As any hunter, marksman or other gun enthusiast could tell you, shooting a gun can often be deafening if your ears are not properly protected.  For most experienced shooters, the difference between a successful and unsuccessful shot comes down to concentration.  Not being able to fully focus can lead to undesirable results.  Similarly, worrying about… Read more »

Father’s Day: The Perfect Gift For Hunters

What does dear ol’ dad really want for Father’s Day this year? Encouraging his passion for hunting is an obvious starting point, but where do you go from there? Hunting supplies and accessories are fairly broad categories, and if you aren’t a hunter yourself you might find yourself lost in the sea of possibilities. Start… Read more »

Hear that? That’s the sound of a contest being held!

  Enter now for a chance to win a pair of Elite Classic Earplugs from Electronic Shooters Protection (ESP). In order to be included in the contest, participants must first log onto Facebook and like ESP’s page. Once registered, hopefuls can check back with the website daily and enter one time per day. Participants can… Read more »

Side Effects of Not Using Hearing Protection While Shooting

We know too many people with hearing loss and chronic tinnitus, which is a constant ringing in the ears. No one wants these problems, but many get them because we’re all exposed to extremely loud noises. The louder the noise, and the longer you hear it, the more likely you are to experience hearing damage…. Read more »

Where and When to Spring Turkey Hunt

Spring Turkey Hunting The spring time can mean warmer weather, fresh growth, and longer days. For serious hunters the spring time can also mean that it’s time to gear up for turkey hunting. This additive hunt can be challenging, and requires the best practices and equipment.  This is due to the fact that wild turkey’s… Read more »

The rise in firearm sales

The Second Amendment to the Constitution gives us the right to bear arms. However, in recent months, gun owners are getting increasingly worried that their right will be reined in. The heightened tension that people might lose the right to purchase a gun has led to a shockingly number of gun permit applications across the… Read more »