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The Truth about Green Tip Ammo

With the latest assault on selective firearms led by New York State Democratic congressman Steve Israel, our second amendment rights are on increasingly thin ice. Moving to outlaw M855/SS109 ‘green-tip’ ammo, there’s a new bill proposed that flies in the
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Some Top Shooting Societies & Organizations

Members of many shooting clubs and organizations would benefit from the use of electronic shooting protection. There are options that will even protect your ears from the loud discharge without taking away your ability to hear distant, subtle detection. Non
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Get Ready for the 43rd Safari Club International Annual Hunter’s Convention

The 43rd Safari Club International Annual Hunter’s Convention is set to kickoff February 4th and goes until the 7th. Featuring a host of educational events and seminars, the convention will welcome nearly 20,000 Safari Club International members interested in learning
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The Top 8 Hollywood Real Life Gun Cameos

Hollywood is known for its shooting and glorifying gun scenes. Pretty much ever since motion pictures were big business, guns have played a big part of the movies. Throughout Hollywood history, there have been some pretty remarkable firearms. Here’s a
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Myths Gun Control Advocates Perpetuate

There are a few myths advocates of gun control would like the general population to believe. They are lobbying against a legitimate means of protection Americans have relied for nearly three hundred years. When something is as ingrained in our
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Aftermarket Trigger Installation Tips

Triggers can be purchased aftermarket and installed to your rifle. However, this is a very detailed process which may require a little trial and error. During the installation process you will be able to adjust the safety, trigger pull weight,
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