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How Revolvers Work

Firing a gun is simple enough. You point, aim and squeeze the trigger, the gun fires and you ideally hit your target. Then you repeat. But how does this piece of machinery allow you to achieve that final step, exactly?
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Gun Ownership is Pricey Enough; Cut down on Ammo Cost

Saving your good ammunition for when you need it and getting the cheap stuff for the firing range is a good way to save your money. At the range, all you’re shooting is paper or foam so why blow through
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Why Everyone Should Learn How to Shoot a Gun

While there are millions of gun owners across the country, it sometimes seems that there are less and less young people who actually know how to properly shoot a gun. Whether someone never learned how to properly shoot or they’re
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Colt Gun Giant Plans to Avoid Bankruptcy

In conjunction with its creditors, Colt- the American gun maker behind such models as the 30/30 and the contemporary M4 and M16- announced plans to emerge from its recent bankruptcy filing. Struggling in recent years, the gun maker was forced
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Is Healtchcare or are Guns the Real Issue?

Gun owners have a rough hand in America. With all these shootings, it’s tough to say you’re a gun owner without getting looks of derision in many social circles. It’s as if we’re a dying breed, but let’s not get
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Debunking Common Gun Myths

No matter how often you go hunting or take your gun to a shooting range, there are so many popular myths about firearms out there that even you may believe. Most myths about guns come from the main way that
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