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Tightening up Your Trigger Pull

Experienced shooters know that there are few things that can ruin an otherwise good shot like a poorly executed trigger pull. These folks spend years honing their trigger technique in order to produce the quality, repeatable results. The motion of
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Maintaining your Guns

Cleaning your firearm frequently as possible is imperative on so many levels. Cleaning your gun helps you not only learn about the weapon and how it works, but it also lets you maintain accuracy and longevity of the firearm. Regular
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Gun Ownership in America

Gun ownership across the United States is older than the Constitution guaranteeing our right to bear arms. Americans have been wielding rifles since before there was even a centralized government. But changes to our society and technology have facilitated a
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Preparing for Hunting Season

If you’ve yet to go on your first hunting trip this season, your checklist may be a little fuzzy. Before you can actually get out there and hunt, there are a few things to remember. One of the most important
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How Revolvers Work

Firing a gun is simple enough. You point, aim and squeeze the trigger, the gun fires and you ideally hit your target. Then you repeat. But how does this piece of machinery allow you to achieve that final step, exactly?
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Gun Ownership is Pricey Enough; Cut down on Ammo Cost

Saving your good ammunition for when you need it and getting the cheap stuff for the firing range is a good way to save your money. At the range, all you’re shooting is paper or foam so why blow through
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