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Debunking Common Gun Myths

No matter how often you go hunting or take your gun to a shooting range, there are so many popular myths about firearms out there that even you may believe. Most myths about guns come from the main way that
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American Spirit Firmly Rooted in Right to Bear Arms

Sometimes even we get sick of the all the gun debate coverage that riddles the newspapers with its sick ink or pollutes TV waves with poisonous static. Clearly, we support guns and firmly believe in the constitutional right to possess
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Early Signs of Hearing Loss

Unfortunately, many people will experience some degree of deafness as they get older, whether they frequently shoot or not. Learning how to recognize the early signs of hearing loss and seeking help from a medical professional can minimize the impact,
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The Most Prolific Arms of the Arms Race

The most polarizing firearms of the 20th century are indefinitely the American Colt M16 and the Russian Kalashnikov AK47. Bringing to modern warfare rapid firing and efficiency never before seen, these firearms are by far the most prolific of our
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The Importance of Deafness Awareness

Deafness, like any handicaps, is a serious problem. How many deaf people do you know? Chances are you might not know any. Of course you might know someone with hearing problems, but that’s a different matter altogether. Some hearing problems
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How to properly sight a gun

Shooting a gun is no easy task in general, but trying to hit a target with precision accuracy will take more than just sheer luck. Utilizing the sight on your gun is one of the most important factors when shooting
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